Vaccines and travel: Always a good idea?

The importance of vaccines when you travel

The importance of vaccines when traveling

Fortunately, the vast majority of countries commonly you visit for tourism do not normally require any preventive vaccination. Mandatory vaccinations often already cover many of the potentially dangerous infectious diseases.

Many diseases can be prevented, in addition to vaccinations, also by your behavior and eating habits in the countries you visit. Despite all the precautions that you can and should adopt, for some destinations that present serious health risks it is advisable to proceed with vaccination and avoid unwanted consequences for yourself.

We must not underestimate the risks of infections. During a trip abroad, you are somehow always at risk. However, we must not even be excessively influenced when choosing our dream destinations.

You should also pay particular attention to climatic conditions that can favor the contraction of certain diseases such as dengue or malaria, possibly taking the necessary precautions or administering some preventive medication.

We are happy to give you some advice. However, our opinion has no medical value for which we invite you to consult the hospitals in your country.

Be adventurous and have a lot of fun. Stay safe, always.

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