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Save money when you travel

It doesn’t matter how much money you have with you, just stay safe when you travel. It is necessary to respect the fundamental rule of the economy of not putting all your eggs in one basket. When traveling, you need to have more possibilities to access your funds if something should stop working for some reason, as often happens.

For safety reasons, avoid carrying a lot of cash. There are many systems today to access cash in any destination and there is no need to take unnecessary risks when traveling. Don’t forget that, for your safety, you never have to show a lot of cash when making a payment.

Electronic money is not always accepted in all the places you visit, especially in those developing countries that are cash economy. However, it is very easy to withdraw with your ATM or credit card at bank branches. If you do not have access to the banking system, you can always send cash to any remote location in the world with well-tested systems such as Western Union or similar. Moreover, today cryptocurrencies are catching on and perhaps, in the coming years, they will represent another global system for the economic transactions of the so-called unbanked.

So, how much money do you need to travel? There are many possible answers to this question. Some people can do that with just a few dollars a day while for others, instead, that money would just be enough to buy their cigarettes. The good news is that everyone is right. Traveling has become very “democratic”, in the sense that everyone can do it these days. Everyone can do it with their budget or with their available time, all of them united by the same desire to discover new territories and new cultures.

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