The best accommodation at the best price

How to choose your accommodation

There is no precise rule for booking accommodation for a trip. Indeed probably the perfect trip could take some nights in a classic hotel, others in one of the innovative accommodations, other nights in an apartment or an independent house, or more options. It is, in fact, your itinerary, time and budget that dictates the best type of accommodation for each stage of your travel.
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Travel anywhere in the world at the best price

Best ways to travel and move around

There are so many infrastructural differences from country to country and therefore it is very difficult to set rules for traveling. Some suggestions may come from research on specialized websites, but most information comes from personal experience.
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Travel and Excursions

Excursions and activities for your trip

Almost certainly you want to go on excursions to discover the most beautiful places in the country you are visiting. Surely, you would like to do it in the way you prefer, taking into account your spending budget and your available time. In addition to excursions, there are many other types of activities you could do during your trip: sports, entertainment, culture, cuisine, traditions and much more.
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