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If you want to be free to discover a new country, the best thing you can do is almost always to rent a car. There are some countries in the world where it is necessary, for various reasons, to rent a car with a driver. In other countries, on the other hand, it might be necessary to contact local agencies or local car rentals as they are located outside the international direct booking circuits.

However, for most countries, some websites make it easy to find and book a rental car. However, for various companies, prices, conditions, reliability, and guarantees can vary greatly. Sometimes, the same company offers different rates for the same type of rental, depending on many other factors that influence the search at that very moment.

Not only can prices vary a lot, but you should also pay particular attention to the type of insurance coverage that various companies offer to their customers. Excesses for the event of theft, accident or other happenings can have a noticeable impact if they occur. Furthermore, you should search and book your car based on the intended use during the rental period and of the type of route or roads.

Other important factors are the number of passengers, their age and their weight. Before choosing you should consider even the capacity of the boot for your luggage. The time of arrival or departure of the flight is often decisive in choosing the rental vehicle. In fact, for particular companies, it may involve greater charges if the delivery of the vehicle takes place outside the usual opening hours.

When choosing a rental car, you should not underestimate the cost of extras that are sometimes necessary, especially for those traveling with children. Moreover, rental companies do not give any guarantee regarding the supply of any extras booked at the time of rental and necessary for the transport of children. Therefore, the best and most convenient solution is always the autonomous transport of own car seats, when this is possible. Airlines take completely free up to two pieces of equipment for children, such as a stroller and a child seat. This could be the most convenient choice and takes away any doubt or risk about the availability of extras when they finally deliver your rental car.

An important factor for the choice of a rental car company is also the extra money requested for a one-way fare. Sometimes, it is necessary to return your car to a different location, especially when the visited countries are particularly long. Furthermore, if you want to cross state borders you need to be sure that the company with which you booked allows it. For this cross-border option, a higher cost could apply for the needed extra insurance policy.

There are numerous variables and eventualities to be taken into consideration for the rental of a car and they are all crucial for the choice that you will finally make. The lowest price not always means the most convenient rate. You should consider many other factors before renting, including the numerous risks associated with driving a car, especially in a foreign country.

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