All you need to travel fits in your carry-on

Travel light with a hand luggage

Hand luggage is the beset way to travel

He who would travel happily must travel light. This quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery probably means that you should let go of the ‘baggage’ you carry in your mind and heart to be happy. But how could you ever be happy if you travel with a lot of baggage for real? Like you should not carry all your thoughts with you, you should never bring all your clothes either.

Although it is a bit different to travel in warm countries rather than cold due to the type of clothing needed to cover yourself, there should never be an alternative to a carry-on bag.

Traveling with suitcases hinders your movements and your speed. Moreover, without the bulky suitcases, you do not risk losing them between stopovers at the airport. The weight of clothing or items that are almost certainly not necessary for your journey will only complicate your life and take away from you a piece of your freedom.

In today’s world, there are some things you can’t do without. Those are medicines (if necessary), your passport, your smartphone, your camera (though you could always use your smartphone instead), your small laptop, and your chargers.

If you travel to countries with a warm climate, you just need to bring your underwear, a few t-shirts, a pair of shorts, one of trousers, a windbreaker, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of flip-flops.

While in summer you have plenty of space, in winter you will probably fill your hand baggage. It is not impossible and it is necessary to make some sacrifices on what to bring with you and maybe focus on light and warm materials rather than bulky ones. You will wear your boots to avoid cluttering your luggage together with your winter jacket. Only the minimum necessary has to go inside your bag.

The fundamental rule, also for your safety, is that it is always better to mix with the local people. If you have a Rolex or other valuable stuff you should never wear it to avoid getting attention by malicious people. After all, happiness is being, not appearing. When you travel you are with yourself and your family and friends, exploring the new world, learning to know the new people.

Not sure what to take out of your carry-on bag? We’re sure you’ve put a lot of stuff that you don’t need. Ask us now and we’ll give you some tips!

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