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We are a mixed family, half Italian and half Filipino, with long travel experience and over sixty countries visited, solo or together. As a Family, you can find some of our Best Tours on LaraTheExplorer.com.
Travel planning helps you get the best out of your time and money. We believe that wonderful trips need...







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Personal travel advice
to get ready before your trip

When you Google your vacation you get millions of results and maybe you do not have the time to wade through all of that. We try to deliver the information you need while saving time. Basic travel research like browsing online travel reviews or best itineraries can take hours. We save you time and money while making the best itinerary for your next travel destination that best suits your interest and available time.
What we do

Planning will save you money

We try to help you design your next travel by maintaining your vision. We make research based on personal travel knowledge and experience. Besides, we set the times between various stages of your journey according to your needs. And most of all, by finding the best ways according to your budget we'll save you money.
What we do

Planning will save you time

Building a travel itinerary can be tiring and time-consuming but it is important, especially if a limited budget and/or time are available. Once it is done right and you hit the road, you'll be rewarded from the start to the end of your journey. In every plan, we leave some blank spaces so that you can fill them with beautiful and unexpected experiences.
What we do

Our travel plan will
solve your problems

Traveling without a plan will almost certainly result in mismanaging your time and money. Besides, it will cause overspending, overstaying, getting lazy, and wasting time.


The first and most important step for your successful trip is the creation of your itinerary


Start making your reservations: from planes to accommodation, from services to activities


Fine-tuning your travel plan with your reservations is going to save you money and time


You cannot fully predict what your travel is going to be but planning will probably make it better
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